What People Are Frequently Asking


How old is Chike Ukaegbu?

Chike Ukaegbu is 35 years old.

Was he gainfully employed before he decided to run?

Chike Ukaegbu was a very successful business person before he decided to run for Presidency. Actually his success prompted his declaration of interest. He is the CEO of Startup52 which is a tech company that helps young people startup SME businesses.

Where is his Hometown?

Chike Ukaegbu is from Amzukwu in Ibeku LGA in Abia State.

Which Political party does he belong to?

Chike Ukaegbu is a member of the Advanced Allied Party. The party is founded by Mr. John Doe who currently is the party chairman. The party is directed by Mr. John Doe who is resident here in Nigeria. The party has provided a website for detailed information about their existence, mission and relevance.

He seem to be so young and inexperienced?

Experience is not a function of age, that being said, we would like to notify you of the successes that Mr. Chike Ukaegbu has achieved both internationally and locally too.

He does not have any campaign strategy and no manifestos?

Chike Ukaegbu has no manifestos as he doesn’t really like the word ‘manifesto’ because of the abuse by past leaders. What he has though is a mission statement that has been called the 4 PILLARS.

You can read more on the site and feel free to reach out to him.

What is his plans for security in Nigeria

Security is of utmost concern amongst other things. Chike intends to radically transform all security parastatals and enable a more digitalized and monitoring system.


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